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Annual Wreath Fundraiser
Order by November 20th!

We can deliver within city limits for a $5 delivery fee. 

All school staff gets FREE delivery to the schools. 

Please make a notation at checkout if you work at a school.

Seward PTA will notify you via email when wreaths are ready for pick-up at Hertz, around Nov. 30th.   

Thank you for your continued support!

All proceeds support arts & music programs for youth, such as Seward Artists in Schools, Theatre for All, and more.  We welcome your ideas and energy to help bring more art & music programs to our schools.

Special thanks to our long-time sponsors - Hertz of Seward and Carlile.  


Box Tops for Education


Did you know that box tops need to be clipped neatly and bundled by 25's?  You can help PTA by cleanly cutting box tops and pasting or taping them to a flyer.  Flyers can be found at, and while you're there print great coupons on everyday household items! 


During the 2018/20 school year, YOU helped Seward PTA raise over $ for Seward Elementary!  Thank you!

Please drop your full forms at Seward Elementary.



Free Money for our Schools

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